Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

With love from .. Swansong

This beautiful nude cocktail dress with black lace is the contribution from Swansong for the "With Love from..."
Hunt. It is not a free hunt but 10 Linden is a more than fair price for this beautiful dress if you ask me.


Style Card: 
Skin, eyes & lashes by LeLutka
Hair by : booN
Dress by Swansong

Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010


This beautiful teal gown is my freebie of the day for you guys. I found it on the new Marketplace, which I have to admit find quite confusing to be honest. I am so used to the old Xstreet that I sometimes find it hard to find items that I am looking for, aspecially when it comes to quality freebie items, one of the best aspects of the old Xstreet if you ask me. I must say tho with a little bit of training I sometimes find items I actually like and today I came across this beautiful gown, it is called " Ocean Cocktail Dress" and it comes also in purple, so when you buy it for 0 Linden you get two dresses. Happy shopping!

Style Card:

Skin, eyes & Lashes by LeLutka
Gown by Dashwood

Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Back in black

Black is one of my all time favourit colors. Why? Because it goes with everything. No matter what kind of make up you are wearing on your skin, you can't go wrong with black. Below I show you a small selection of my fav black items in my inventory.


Style Card: 
Skin, eyes, lashes & top ( part of [LeL.Ultra]-GLORIA dress)  by LeLutka
Collar by Eclipse Jewelry ( found on the new Marketplace)
Hair by booN
      Skirt by MIAMAI
     Leggings by [PO]


Hurry and tp to RICIELLI, they are having a 20 linden sale on everything that is red. The event runs until the 7th of December!


LeLutka strikes again...

... and causes my inventory once more to stretch a bit more. The beautiful dress I am showing you here is called: SPIKE and I am wearing it in nude. It is the perfect dress for a full club, believe me with those spikes, nobody will dance closer to you as you allow it, can come in handy if you want to bring a little bit of distance between you and an unwanted dance partner *winks*

Style Card:
Hair, Skin, Eyes, Lashes Dress and Shoes by  LeLutka

Beautiful Creations for beautiful avatars like us!

I would like to show you my new hair in this post it is called: " Casino Royal" and I am wearing it in soil. It always amazes me what hair designers in SL can create once they are let lose. I've tried creating hair once, 10 minutes and 50 of my own hair less later I quit and thought let others do the work I am more than glad to pay for it *laughs* VANITY CREATIONS is new in my personal LM folder for I have just discovered it and hope some of you will visit the store and grab some of the amazing styles they are offering!

Style Card:

Skin, lashes and eyes by LeLutka

PurpleMoon Creations an incredible store

This is one of the best stores in Second Life and should be landmarked by everyone who is in need of great gowns and hair. They also have casual wear but I am a sucker for big hair and gown so I will show you my two favourit items by PurpleMoon Creations. First up we have the Era hair which I am wearing in black a great hair style which will stop traffic on any sim you'll arrive!

The second picture shows the Corina gown in Nougat with an absoulte amazing fan for the back. I adore it!!

Style Card:

Pic 1: Hair by  :: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations
         Skin, eyes & lashes by LeLutka
         Bangles & Nails by [MANDALA]
         Outfit by Paper Couture (old collection)

Pic2: Dress by   :: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations
        Skin, eyes & lashes by LeLutka
        Hair by VANITY HAIR