Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Ribbons don't always come wrapped around a gift

This is my newest dress by Lelutka. It is called: " [LeLutka]-IGAL" and I am wearing the color moca. It has a beautiful ribbon that covers your left shoulder and I adore it! [LeLutka] is one of my favourit stores in Second Life and always surprises me with their new outfits.

The second item I would like to show you is also by LeLutka and is called: "REA" a poncho shown in the color moca. This is my favourit coat for this winter in Second Life. It has a build in pose that folds your arms in front of your body, so your AO won't mess up your look while you move!

Style card:

Pic1: Hair, Skin, Eyes, Lashes and dress by LeLutka
        Bangles/Nails by [MANDALA]

Pic2: Hair, Skin, Eyes, Lashes and poncho by LeLutka
        Boots by Bax Coen Designs
        Pants by Izzi's

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